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Northwest Houston RWA© is proud to Announce
the 22nd Annual Lone Star Writing Competition 2014

NEW for 2014 is the Romance Novella category which includes all sub-genres of romance, including erotic romance.

The Lone Star Writing Competition is one of the few contests where each first round entry is judged by two published authors plus one unpublished author.  Finalists’ entries will be judged by three industry professionals. (agents/editors/Epublishers)

Entry fee: $25.

Deadline is at midnight CDT on June 8th.

Finalists will be announced August 18th.

Winners will be announced at the LONE STAR CONFERENCE, October 4, 2014 in Houston, TX.

Contest Details can be found at:


"Off the Page!" Basics to a Story Time

Off the Page!: A Basic Guide to A Story Time.
Marilyn A. Hudson, MLIS
List Price: $11.00
6" x 9" (15.24 x 22.86 cm)
92 pages
ISBN-13: 978-1497544154 (CreateSpace-Assigned)
ISBN-10: 1497544157
BISAC: Education / General
Perfect resources for child care providers, community event planners, parents, home schools, volunteers, teachers and public libraries planning to add story times to their programs.

This work is suitable for early childhood and pre-school programs and workers. it includes easy ways to inserting authentic learning into sharing of picture books with children or groups and in making storytime the most anticipated of events.

Author Marilyn A. Hudson has been a children's librarian in both elementary school and public libraries. In addition, she has been a college level library administrator and teacher...



Author Mariana Llanos announces: " I'll be signing my new book A Planet for Tristan Wolf Saturday April 12th 11-12.30 pm at Full Circle Bookstore (1900 NW XPWY). You are welcome to stop by and  invite your friends.:



Tony Smith was born in Ponca City, Oklahoma and grew up in the Oklahoma City area. Tony worked for AAA in Michigan for twenty two years and eventually decided to get back to his roots to be closer to family in Oklahoma. He currently makes his home in Fort Gibson, Oklahoma with his wife Denise and daughter Valerie. "Oklahoma Ride" represents the first in a series of books. I hope you enjoy the "Ride". 
"OKLAHOMA RIDE: Guideposts For Life"  was published in February of this year. The ISBN # is 978-1-62660-066-9. The work was edited by Denise Smith.
Image of Tony SmithAbout the book: "Don't we all wish we had a road map to keep us on the right track in life? We need certain cornerstones or guideposts in life to guide and direct us along our journey. In this book you will find those guideposts as described by a native Oklahoman, Tony Smith, who has been through his share of storms as well as blue skies. The stories are joyful, tearful, humorous, and thought provoking. Along the way you will also pick up some practical tips and tricks for improving your life to keep you going in the right direction."

In an interview with Oklahoma Writers, when asked what sparked his interest in writing this book, the author replied.  " I had thought a long while about writing a book like "Oklahoma Ride" and finally I decided to put pen to paper after my family and I made the decision to leave   Michigan after many years to return to Oklahoma. I started reflecting on many
of the life lessons I learned growing up in Oklahoma and along the way back   to what I consider my true home. I wanted to impart to others what took me   many hard life lessons to learn and offer a bit of encouragement and   sound advice along the road of life."

Readers always like to know where an authors influences come from. So we asked, "Is there an author that inspired you in what you are doing?"   "Stephen King probably inspired me the most after reading his own book "On Writing A Memoir Of The Craft" which was in part an autobiography. " Tony stated.  "He stated in his book to keep practicing your writing and to keep reading as much as you can to get better at what you do. Many of his books are  based in part upon things that happened to him along the way when he was younger."

The link to the ebook can be found at     He is part of the Goodreads author program and readers may visit his Amazon author page at

The Green Ghost Returns!

Airship 27 Productions is happy to announce the release of our latest classic pulp anthology featuring one of the most exciting pulp heroes ever; George Chance -The Green Ghost!

Former stage magician, George Chance, by various twists of fate, becomes an eerie vigilante to help the police solve baffling, unique mysteries. He is aided by his loyal crew made up of former glamor girl, Merry White, circus little man, Tiny Tim Terry, former bookmaker and gambler Joe Harper and Glenn Saunders, a novice magician who is his identical double.

“Initially, this series was published under the title, The Ghost, recalls Airship 27 Managing Editor, Ron Fortier. “It was only later, after several painted covers portrayed the Ghost as having a green skull face that the title was changed. But that wasn’t the end of it. It seems there was still another earlier Green Ghost in the pulps. Written by Johnston McCuley, this Irish themed avenger wore a green hood over his head and was a typical crime fighting hero. The magic background in George Chance’s career is what set him apart in a very cool way.”

Created by writer G.T. Fleming-Roberts, the Green Ghost that inspired the Airship 27 title and his team battled all manner of villainy in some of the most macabre pulp adventures ever recorded. Now Chance & Company are back in four brand new tales as chronicled by a quarter of today’s finest New Pulp writers; Michael Panush, Greg Hatcher, B.C. Bell and Erwin K. Roberts. In these pages the Green Ghost faces a giant mechanical monster on a long abandoned boardwalk, attempts to solve the murder of his old mentor, and uncovers a ring of foreign saboteurs using radio frequencies to carry out their missions of terror and destruction.

With art by the amazing Zachary Brunner and designs by Pulp Factory Award Winner, Rob Davis, George Chance -The Green Ghost is another foray into the exciting world of the classic pulps. Here are pulp thrills and spills showcasing one of the most original pulp heroes ever invented, brought to you by Airships 27 Productions, the new home of High Adventure.


"Windows of Wesley" Gives Glimpse of Historic Building

Author Marilyn A. Hudson announces the completion of her most recent project, The Windows of Wesley: A Historic and Inspirational Journey, available  via and other venues. 
A historic and inspirational tour of the English Gothic Sanctuary of Wesley United Methodist Church (Oklahoma City, OK). The church was established in 1910 as Wesley Methodist Episcopal, North, and the sanctuary constructed in 1928. At that time four large (approx. 16 x 20 foot)  Christ windows, numerous smaller story windows, and extensive stone and wooden ornamentation.  Hudson has brought together church writings, history, and new research to uncover some interesting artistic and community history.

A blend of church history, local history, art history and the spiritual motivation sparking the use of the windows and the impact they have had on members.  Devotional writings by church members and leaders over the years further enrich the descriptions. Black and white images with accompanying historic, artistic, and inspirational text.
Information is included about the windows, their donors, and their known artistic influences. Additionally, other aspects of artistic expression at the church are also discussed, along with a reflective spiritual guide of the sanctuary.

On Sunday, April 13 (Palm Sunday) at 3 p.m. Hudson will lead guests through an inspirational tour of the sanctuary windows.  Interested individuals should call Wesley UMC at 405-525-3521 to reserve a place on this tour.
ISBN: 978-0615991917   / 01-0615991912
Subject areas: Stained glass windows, Oklahoma, United Methodism (History), Oklahoma City, Wesley United Methodist Church


Authors Available for School Visits or Book Talks

If you have written a book suitable for school children and can be available for school visits, please send your information to the contact email.

All other authors send your information as well as book genre to the contact email.


Not Just Another Sermon on the Mount Book

Author Tom Yarbrough earned degrees from Howard Payne University and Southwestern Seminary.  He is a retired professional counselor and university teacher who has turned to full-time writing.  His fourth work is Treasures of the Kingdom: A Conversational Confessional. 
Written in an easy, very conversational manner, this work strides confidently into an area largely barren in contemporary Christian spirituality. Clinging clearly to scripture and using traditional theology as a lighthouse, Yarbrough blends his professional skills as a professional counselor, to create a logical, biblically sound, and emotionally satisfying guide to personal spiritual formation.
The work explores the well known Sermon the Mount with fresh eyes that reinvigorate the words of Christ and provide new vistas of meaning to their application in the life of faith. The author, however, does not lead the reader into a vague dimension of abstracts but builds his discussions on the "how to live this in life."  "I discovered that when you look carefully at Matt. 5:1-12, you will find an extremely actie list of privileged behaviors, not exalted states of being...I came to understand that the nine beatitudes as kingdom quests through which every Christian needs to grow" (pg. xv).   Reflective questions and a plan of action for 90 days of 'intentional living" bring out the 'treasures' intended in the spiritual life in real and immediate ways.
 Perfect for religious or spirituality collections and for the person who wants to probe more deeply what it means to be a Christian.  A new convert will enjoy its understandable writing style, and it would make an excellent small group or class resource. 




Policy Studies Organization (PSO) offers publishing opportunities through its imprint and book program, Westphalia Press. We are looking for original manuscripts  and hope to be able to assist anyone with their publication goals. Manuscripts from all disciplines are welcome for consideration.

Our focus is on wider readership and dissemination. We offer attractive terms to authors under a print-on-demand model, which allows us to produce books at a low cost for increased worldwide distribution among readers and reviewers. All of our books are published both in paper and electronic versions.

As a non-profit academic association, Westphalia Press is a growing part of the PSO’s  longtime mission of accessible scholarship dissemination, and aims to provide quality  volumes at affordable prices. We believe there is much valuable scholarship out there that  deserves to be shared more widely and effectively.
Westphalia Press is multidisciplinary in scope, and publishes titles on a diversity of topics including history, art, and literature, as well as politics and government. For a list of current titles visit the Westphalia Press website at: For  questions or more information, please contact PSO Director, Daniel Gutierrez, at


Meet Author Travis Galen Smart

This book  causes the reader to stop and ask what is your purpose in life?

Author Travis Galen Smart wrote, My People It's Time to Come Home, because that was his question and, he noted, "It was a long time before I ever knew I had a purpose. Everything seemed that it was self-serving in life: you were supposed to have a family, a nice house, and a nice car with money in the bank.
I was born in Oklahoma, coached in Texas, retired and began living on our small ranch located in southwest Oklahoma. It has been in the family since 1917. The book was born out of a situation in 2008 where I needed to come up with a good sum of money for the mortgage on the land."

As is often the case, challenges can become guideposts and set one on a course to their destiny.

Smart added, "My dad bought one of the first Fender electric guitars made back in the late 50's or early 60's.  I was around 10 or 11 years old.  My dad passed away in 1988.  It was a valuable and rare guitar.The hard decision was made to sell the guitar to pay the mortgage. 
We sold the guitar to Vince Gill.  Vince wanted a picture of my dad with the guitar.  When I could not find a picture, I called Vince and asked if I could write him 4 or 5 lines about my dad.  Those 4 or 5 lines turned into 4 or 5 pages. 
At that point, I realized there was a story there with my dad, and other family stories that needed to be told.  A story of faith, love, and hope going back to the Revolutionary War.  It was, I believe, a purpose in my life."
That revelation of a life purpose will touch a cord in many readers and they will not be alone.  "The responses we have heard back from those who have read the book have been such a blessing.  "Smart added, noting that , "The book has been encouraging for a lot of people.  We have done a few book signings in our area, and I've spoken to a few groups with one scheduled next month."
Available in print and e-book formats from Tate Publishing, and other outlets.  See a book trailer here.  Want to interview, inquire as to appearances or simply contact the author ? - Click here.



Mariana Llanos announces the release of a second book, "A Planet for Tristan Wolf."     "I hope you can join me  Tuesday, March 11th for a Family fun night at Chick Fil A, at 6pm,  (NW XPWY and Rockwell) where I'll be signing books."

According to Readers' Favorite, my book is:  "(...) is full of surprises, unexpected turns, and exciting moments. The illustrations in the story... are colorful and they add to the story. The visuals breathe life into the story and the characters. It is a perfect story for children, filled with imagination and creativity. This adventure/sci-fi story will excite all young readers."

They gave A Planet for Tristan Wolf 5 stars!

My book is currently available on Amazon and hopefully (crossing fingers here) very soon at Full Circle Bookstore.  Please, spread the word. Independent authors need of your support!"

Mariana Llanos
Inspiring children and grown-ups, one book at a time.


Author Seeks to Benefit Runestones

Poteau, Oklahoma, February 28, 2014  In conjunction with the non-profit group Friends of Heavener Runestone, author Joe Harwell is re-releasing his first novel, The Indian Rock Vampire based on the symbols on the runestone as a benefit for the park. Since the State of Oklahoma withdrew funding for the Heavener Runestone Park in 2011, Joe has donated copies of the novel which are sold in the gift shop to help with fundraising. Advance, signed copies of the 262 page novel printed in soft cover can be purchased through the following link for $15, which includes tax and shipping. Each copy purchased by the public will result in a copy given to the gift shop to continue funding the park.
Under the guidance of Friends of Heavener Runestone, the park has undergone significant improvements through donations, volunteer effort and hard work. The park is located in Leflore county in southeastern Oklahoma on US Hwy 59, about forty five miles south of I-40. The runestone was originally called Indian Rock by French explorers who discovered it in the 1700's. In the twentieth century, Gloria Farley, a Heavener resident and researcher proved the markings were made by Vikings who visited North America almost one thousand years ago.

Harwell's novel is his own fictionalized interpretation of the origin of the markings. The book has been re-edited with a new cover featuring his teenage granddaughter, who is the same age as the lead character.

The Heavener Runestone Park will hold its annual spring Viking Fest on April 12 and 13, 2014. Admission is $5 per carload with music, dancing, arts and crafts from 10 am to 5 pm both days. Overnight camping is available on a first come, first served basis for $10. The park has restroom facilities, but no showers. Ten by ten vendor spaces are available for the festival at $25 each. Call 918-653-2241 to reserve campsites and vendor spaces.


Enid Writing Seminar

A Writer's conference is coming to Enid.  Featuring NYT Best Seller Jamie McGuire and several other great writers, the March 1 conference costs only $30 plus lunch.  The Enid Writers Club is Oklahoma's oldest writers' organization.   From novice to published - hone your craft.

Cost: $30 /  Half price for students, faculty, an active duty military with ID.

Visiting authors will be NY Times Bestselling author Jamie McGuire; Darlene Shortridge ; Dusty Richards; Marsha Kay Oldham ; Shawn Holliday and Tara Hudson.

Sponsored by the Enid Writers Club.

To register and for more information :


A "Dead of Winter" Writing Contest Seeks Short Stories to Chill

From Strange State comes this opportunity: "Submit your best short horror work (of roughly 2,000 words or less) and a panel of judges will weigh your darkened soul against the feather of Maat and see who comes out on top. Prize will be awarded and will be announced at a later date."

The deadline is January 31st and winners will be announced shortly thereafter.   For now, writers, dip your quills into the dark ichor of winter fear and begin scratching out the most chilling passages you can fathom.
c2013, Strange State. C. Hudson


Author Melva Noakes, "April Mourning"

April Mourning
The Story of the Murrah Building Day Care
by Melva Noakes
Tate Publishing, 2013

This a powerful and true story written by America's Kids Day Care operator Melva Noakes, and it tells how time stood still in the aftermath of the bombing. How families faced the reality of losing their little ones, comforting those who were injured, and healing a community as shattered as the glass on the streets.

It was all laughter and playtime at a daycare center in downtown Oklahoma City until 9 a.m., April 19, 1995, when a bomb inside a Ryder truck blew the face off the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building across the street, killing 168 people and injuring more than 680.

Take the journey. Hear the stories. Heal in the Heartland.  No collection on the events of that 1995 day would be complete without this work.  No collection dealing with terrorism, grief and recovery would be complete with out this work by Melva Noakes.

100 pages - $9.99 (paperback) - An E-version is also available.


Author Lisa Rogers

Lisa Rogers is an Oklahoma author who writes fiction and nonfiction for adults and YA.   "When she’s not strapped to her computer at their rural Oklahoma home, she can generally be found poking around a dilapidated old building or visiting some historical place, perhaps searching for her next “out of body” character.."
You see. she is an author who writes about ghosts.  " I write for YA and Adults--but always about ghosts. I created ghost talk to help feed my unquenchable fascination with the paranormal. While the topics will mainly deal with ghosts there will also be post on writing, the road to publication, and of course things just for fun!"
On Haunted Ground, a nonfiction adult book can be found here
Angelina's Secret, a YA fiction can be found here



The Crimson Mask is back…and Airship 27 Productions has him!  The Crimson Mask, the first title in an on-going series, features four brand new adventures by some of today’s finest pulp writers.
Veteran Police Sergeant Clarke is gunned down by hoodlums, shot in the back of the head.  As he lay dying, a rush of blood to his face formed a macabre mask, a crimson mask!  When his son, Doctor Robert “Bob” Clarke, saw that strange stigmata he interpret it as a sign, inspiring him to become his father’s avenger, the Crimson Mask!
Once again Airship 27 Productions digs into the dusty vaults of long forgotten, second tier pulp heroes to revitalize another great character in brand new, exciting adventures.  Writers J. Walt Layne, Terrence McCauley, C. William Russette and Gary Lovisi took on the challenge of creating new, bizarre mysteries for the pharmacist turned crime-fighter and, in doing so, have put together a terrific collection of fast paced pulp action echoing the thrills of the original classics.
“All of which is why Airship 27 Productions exist,” reaffirms Managing Editor Ron Fortier.  “Specifically for great, fun characters like this one. Characters relegated to forgotten back files of the classic pulp hero ranks.  Well, not anymore.  The Crimson Mask always had the potential to be something better; now our writers and artists are making that happen.”
Aided by retired Police Commissioner Warrick, his former college roommate David Small, and lovely nurse, Sandra Gray, the Crimson Mask must hunt down the villainous distributors of tainted heroin, stop an invisible thief, learn who ignited the latest city gang war and solve a killer targeting his father’s allies. 
Talented artist, Andy Fish, provides twelve stark black and white interior illustrations plus a truly wonderful, colorful and iconic pulp cover painting. Art Director, Rob Davis, handles book design to offer a truly stunning, quality package that will delight even the most jaded pulp fan.
Hold on to your fedoras, jump onto the running board and get ready for blazing thrills galore pulp fans as the Crimson Mask is back!
AIRSHIP 27 PRODUCTIONS – Pulp Fiction for a New Generation!


Short Term Offer: Space at Arts Festival for OKC Area Authors

The Ruth Haddon Fine Arts Festival at Wesley UMC in OKC on Nov. 2-3 has some space they are offering to local authors to sell their books.  Space may be limited but any authors interested in renting a booth should call ASAP Gay Abarr at 745-7799 or 229-6625.  Photographers and artists might wish to contact her as well.


Some Great Oklahoma Based Seasonal Treats

Arts Festival Set for November 2-3

            Wesley United Methodist Church - OKC is the site of the 5th Annual Ruth Haddon Memorial Arts Festival, Saturday and Sunday, November 2-3, 2013.   The festival hosted by the Wesley Explorers, features Oklahoma artists, and will be held in the church fellowship hall 10 a.m. – 5 p.m. Saturday, November 2, and 11:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m. Sunday, November 3.     Wesley UMC is located at 1401 NW 25th (Classen and NW 25th) Oklahoma City.
Art for sale includes paintings, prints, photography, Native American art, glass pottery, jewelry, and more.  
 There is no admission charge and everyone is invited to come view the art and shop this annual event.   There will also be special guided tours of the historic and artfully rich 1928 Gothic Sanctuary on both days.
            This event benefits programs and missions of Wesley UMC, including the school, New Hope Academy, in Liberia.
For additional information contact Wesley UMC-OKC 405-525-3521 or Festival Coordinator Gay Abarr 405-745-7799.


Contact:   Susan Howard

                  2020 NW 21st

                  Oklahoma City, OK 73106



                   Date of Release:  September 20, 2013 







The Stillwater Public Library  is hosting a "Read Local" authors fair on Saturday, Oct. 26 from 1-4 p.m.  As the name implies the library will be focusing on locally connected authors.     

"We are inviting any author who has an association with Stillwater, Payne County, any of the town’s in Payne county or anywhere within the 50 miles surrounding Stillwater." stated Stacy Delano of the library.  "Which means if the person lives in the area, went to school in the area, went to OSU/OAMC or worked in the area, then they would qualify."

The Stillwater Public Library, in partnership with Stillwater Writers Group and New Forums Press, is hosting the “Read Local” authors fair on Saturday, October 26, from 1-4 p.m. The fair is intended to introduce the community to local authors and to give local authors a forum for selling books. The fair features writers from Stillwater, Payne County and those who have a connection anywhere within the fifty miles surrounding Stillwater.

This event will be held in the Stillwater Public Library auditorium at 1107 S. Duck. Authors will be provided a table for booth space which may be set up at the authors’ discretion. Sales will be made through the authors. Chairs will also be provided, so that community members can visit with authors.

►FREE with a donation of two books by the author or $25.00
             ►One copy will be a giveaway and one will be added to the library’s Special Collections.
►Stillwater children’s book illustrator Tim Jessell at 2 p.m.
►Five minute author readings throughout the event
►Free coffee bar
►Children’s illustrating activities
►Giveaways-eligibility is based on visiting authors’ tables
►We are coordinating the event with the Stillwater Film Festival for maximum attendance at the library.

REGISTER: The fair is limited to 35 authors. To register, fill out the application at

DEADLINE: Registrations must be completed by Friday, Sept. 20.

►Books to sell, money box, receipts
►Decorations for tables
►Pamphlets, business cards or other information
►Table giveaways, if desired

Although we are asking for the donation of two books (one to be archived in our special collections), we do not want this to be a “deal breaker” for anyone and we’ll be glad to discuss options for anyone who cannot provide the books.


Stacy DeLano
Stillwater Public Library


Time is Running Out


SoniaTharpRegina Brooks conference photo
Sonia Gensler (The Revenant), Tim Tharp (The Spectacular Now, film/book) Regina Brooks (Serendipity Agency)

Rose State Short Course on Writing, Oklahoma City (Sept 27-29)

I'm sending this last chance e-bulletin to remind everyone to register for the Rose State Short Course on Writing.  You still have time to enter all the contests at no additional cost, but only if you hurry.  This is the time to dust off your manuscripts and see what happens.  Remember, the contests are open to everyone registered for the conference.  You can enter every category and it still won't cost you anything extra.

According to Poets & Writers, the Rose State Short Course is the best writing conference for the best value in the Southwest.  Do your writing career a favor by taking this chance to learn from the over thirty writers, agents, and editors presenting on three tracks covering fiction, nonfiction, and the business side of writing. One-on-one consultations with writers, editors, and literary agents will be offered at no additional cost.  Because of the College's support, this fantastic value is being offered at the unprecedented low price of $129 ($49 for students, free for Rose State faculty and staff). Register by calling 405 733 7392.

On Saturday, at the First Page Panel, all participants are invited to submit the first page from their work-in-progress to be critiqued (anonymously) by David Morrell and agents Marcy Posner and Regina Brooks.  These critiques are sure to be honest and enlightening.  Drop your first page off at the registration desk when you arrive.

For submission guidelines, or for more information about the conference, visit:

Please spread the word about the Short Course to your writing friends.  Rose State is committed to providing meaningful assistance to writers and I want everyone to know about it.

The Schedule

The Short Course begins Friday night at 6 with an informal booksigning and chance to chat with the authors, followed by the evening program at 7, which will feature the announcement of the contest winners and the keynote by David Morrell (Rambo: First Blood).  Sessions will go all day Saturday and Sunday beginning at 9 a.m. Here's a brief breakdown of the schedule for Saturday and Sunday:

Just In Time for that Outdoor Lover You Know

Dr. Tom Yarbrough retired from a long teaching and counseling career in Oklahoma into full time writing. He has recently finished Treestand Scribbles.  He enjoys spending time with family and friends in the woods at a deer camp cabin which he helped build. The result is this collection of brief sayings written over a lifetime of deer hunting. Nature and wildlife abound in this collection for any hunter to enjoy

This is his third book with two others on the way.  

Endorsement: Neal Keyes, retired writer/photographer for “Outdoor Oklahoma” magazine says: “….this book is not only a great read for the deer hunter, but for anyone that appreciates the outdoor world…..intertwined with a great sense of humor.”

Books are available at Amazon or
Discount for 5 or more at:
River Hawk Books
P.O. Box 381
Ada, Ok. 74820

Free shipping available.


Need a Second Eye?

Melissa Scott is a freelance proofreader specializing in manuscript editing for self-published authors. " I am affiliated with The Editorial Freelancers Association.  I have a BA in Speech and Theatre. My main focus is to work with new writers in the following genres: erotica, inspirational, and contemporary fiction.  As an actress, I truly empathize with people who have a creative spirit. My purpose is to enhance the writer’s vision. I provide a polished, professional finish to your manuscript:
Addressing consistency with regards to layout and style
Attention to awkward non-standard phrasing
Eradicating grammar, punctuation and spelling errors
I offer outstanding attention to detail, a friendly and approachable manner and, when you need it, a quick turnaround."

Melissa Scott
102 Allen Drive
Great Neck, New York 11020
Phone: 516-456-9419

[Oklahoma Authors makes no recommendations and assumes no responsibility; authors or potential customers of any business should do their own investigations.]



The Turning Pages Children's Book Festival will be  October 11 and 12 in Ada, Ok. It's geared toward K-8th grade students, teachers, and parents and will have lots of contests, activities, and events for the kids. 

It's focus is to promote literacy in Oklahoma's youth and to inspire the next generation of authors and illustrators. We're still looking for vendors and have just a couple of presenter spaces left.  There's a lot more information on the website at 


Author John T. Biggs

John Biggs is a relatively new writer--about 10 years--with about twenty published pieces of short fiction. His story, "Boy Witch" was the grand prize winner of the 80th annual Writers' Digest Competition.  "Soul Kisses" won third prize in the 2011 Lorian Hemingway short story competition. His story," :20% Off " won the Creme de la Creme award at the 2012 OWFI conference, and his short story collection, Quantum Entanglement was a finalist for the St. Lawrence Book Award.

"John Biggs' new work, Owl Dreams, was a joy to read (and I had to read it twice, I wanted to savor it that much). Biggs work is crafted with an artists touch that nimbly adds layers and bring to life, with poetic grace, characters who are tangible and solid.  It is full of action, conflict, and an interesting locale and cultural nuances. Every setting and action blended together and the result was gripping journey through the lives of the true to life and sympathetic cast. Owl Dreams is also a modern mystical tale - drawing from Native American traditions - full of portent, heart stopping drama and meaning that lingers like the aroma of sage on the air at dusk.  Like trees tossing leafy branches in a gentle breeze causing shadow and light to chase each other, the plot hides and reveals with a musical fluidity and a totally natural touch. Once finished, there is the sense that this author has created something unique and you have been transported to a place that calls you back to its embrace." --- Marilyn A. Hudson, author of The Bones of Summer and The Mound.

His webpage.
Publisher pre order page.


Book Signing Event with Author Asa Leveaux

Check out the book release of "Why I Won't Hire Black People" written by Asa Leveaux. This event will begin promptly Thursday, July 18, 2013 at 8:00 pm and will end at 10:00 pm. 

This anticipated event will take place at Urban Roots located in the Deep Deuce district of Oklahoma City. The full address for Urban Roots is 322 N.E. 2nd Street Oklahoma City, Ok 73104. 

This event is 100% free for all those who desire to attend. "Why I Won't Hire Black People" will be available for $15.99 USD. With every book purchase you will receive a free gift to assist you in your networking skills. Asa Leveaux will be there to sign your book and discuss the book from its origins to its purpose. For more information please email

Mr. Asa Leveaux,
Why I Won't Hire Black People


Meet Author Tim Hancock

Author  Tim Hancock writes a gripping blend of action and drama sure to please readers.  HeAmazon.
is a resident of Tulsa and has four books available in print or Kindle versions on

Some of his works include: A-21, When Sparrows Fall, Song of the Nightingale, and Caged Doves.

"I am a die hard Patriot. I am a staunch supporter of gun rights and the 2nd amendment. In fact I am a supporter of the Constitution in it's entirety. Do not label me as a left wing conservative because nothing could be further from the truth. I am registered Independent and have some very liberal views on a lot of issues Gay marriage to name one.

I am a disabled Navy Veteran that loves spending time with my Mother, my wife my 5 children and their spouses and most of all my 3 grandchildren, Writing and promoting my current work is my only job, I do not have another one. I try to do both parts of that job very well and I hope you enjoy."

To order direct or contact the author: